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and the winner of "Grayson the Bully Frog with Ted and Raymond is…….Angela Rose

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Ted and Raymond are two frog friends, who grew up together.  In Ted and Raymond books they teach a lot of different things.  Some of the things are patience, team work, friendship, making the best of hard work, differences, helping others, fire cautiousness, having fun, being different, Abc’s, 
colors, shapes, numbers 1-10, Jesus birth, God loves everybody, sea, fish, animals, and lots of fun for kids. 

My main goal is to inspire the kids and look for them to have a better future with encouraging books.  I teach about bullying, fires, gardening, hard work, accomplishing dreams, ABC’s in simple form.  Many things from my books will teach, encourage and enhance learning a lifetime of experiences.  

 Ted and Raymond started out in late 1999 early 2000.  Ted and Raymond are two frog friends who love teaching kids not only messages, but having fun as well.  THE CROAK 500 the original book that was made in 1999 is out in one of our earlier books.  My husband and I are deciding to redo the book to make it longer, more pleasant for the kids, and more messages along the way.  This will be a very fun book for kids especially if they love racing.  It is very different from the first The Croak 500 but well thought out, pictures are great and cannot wait to share.  I hope you like my site and can go to the GUEST up at the top of the page and write me a simple description of how you like/dislike the page.

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Rhonda is a Children's book writer, a mother, and wife. She is a children's book reviewer. Rhonda goes to college full-time as a graphics designer. Ted and Raymond came from a story that she created from another story of her own. Rhonda encountered a little frog one day and ever since she became fascinated with collecting frogs, then writing about them. Ted and Raymond are frog friends, who loves to tell their story and help others. Rhonda hopes you will enjoy her frog friends and other stories she has to tell.
She is inspiring kids to be better.

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