The Croak 500

Ted and Raymond are frog friends who started in just one book.  They are now in several stories by Rhonda Patton that teach about bullying, friendship, animals, and more. 

About ted & Raymond

The Characters

About the Author

Rhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond started out in 1999.  Rhonda Patton started writing a story about two frog friends in a Croak 500 race.  From there she created the characters and stories.

 In 2009, Rhonda introduced Ted and Raymond stories to her husband, Chester McDaniel.  From then on they combined his art work to her stories and Ted and Raymond were born. 

Rhonda has an Associates and Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. She has two children, who she taught at a young age different life lessons. She is married to her best friend and long time friend. 

Rhonda enjoys inspiring kid's to be better.